Embrace your Destiny


Welcome to the Star Wars Destiny Squadron League! Currently flying in an LFGS near you!

This non-profit, volunteer based program is driven to help build local communities by providing extra prize support such as dice bags, custom alt art promos, playmats, and more! Our goal is to help provide a better gaming experience to Destiny players and their local communities across the US!

Each area of the US is broken down into squadrons and is led by one of the volunteers known as a Squadron Leader. Squadron Leaders are responsible for organizing local events in their store(s) and ordering the extra prize support they may need for their local communities.

There is an annual fee to participate in The Destiny Squadron League of $10. This fee covers all the prize support that we send out to all the Squadron Leaders. All fees collected go right back in to the local community to help provide more prize support and incentives to participate in local store events!

The Destiny Squadron League also has many plans that we are looking forward to implementing in the future so stay tuned for more details!

If you are interested in joining The Destiny Squadron League, then please reach out to your local Squadron Leader!