Welcome aboard!

Let us start off by saying welcome to the Destiny Squadron League! A community solely based on helping enhance your local area and own playing experience of this wonderful game, Star Wars Destiny by Fantasy Flight Games. The community is made up of passionate players such as yourself that want to enjoy a great developed game that encompasses all our favorite Star Wars Heroes and Villains in a unique collectible card game.

When looking to help build a localized community and strengthen relationships with other Destiny players, perhaps you do not know where to begin? The League is designed to help you do just that, by allowing fellow players to work with their local gaming stores in creating a league atmosphere that allows you to play casual or competitively while keeping the spirit of the game fun and earning great prize support!

First and foremost, it is important to understand that the Destiny Squadron League is made purely up of volunteers. Nobody here is doing this as a job, earning money, or doing anything to gain; outside of helping build this community and for the love of the game.

Second, all money gathered from here via membership fees or through donations goes strictly to the League and nothing else. Whether it is to make sure every member gets a set of promos released periodically throughout the League calendar year, to increase prize support in quarterly specialty tournaments sponsored by the League with dice bags or playmats, or to work towards additional promos through a point system. It is also important to understand, outside of helping maintain the website costs, all money a local community raises, stays local.

Third, each area is considered a Squadron and those Squadrons, while part of the League, are their own entity. The Squadrons share a League Calendar with specialty achievements spaced out throughout the year, but when a Squadron wants to run tournaments, work towards points, reward individual players for accomplishments, or work with their local gaming stores, it is all in the hands of the Squadron and its members to dictate what is best for their group and community. The League is only there for support and to offer suggestions and to help bring outside communities together, but is not mandatory.

Lastly, everyone plays Destiny because it is fun, but there are many who play casual as well as many who play competitively. We hope to meet many of you along the way through Destiny Store Championships, Nationals, Continentals, Worlds, or any other FFG sponsored tournaments, but it is the responsibility of every Destiny Squadron League member to act in good player accordance. This means to abide by all local gaming store rules as well as any official tournament rules that FFG releases pertaining to Destiny. Being part of the League means giving the League a good name and wanting to help other players, even if non-members.

Players who fail to follow these rules or who are caught profiting from League events (who are not licensed by FFG to sell their products) or prize support are liable to be held responsible which could lead up to League separation or any penalties the local game store or FFG may pursue on that individual.

With that said, we hope you want to be part of this growing community and we look forward to meeting you all on the table. Let the dice roll!

Derrick Marsh, Admiral